Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The fertile Douros Farm is located in Daphnoula of Ilia, near Ancient Alifeira and Ancient Olympia next to the Alpheus river banks in a green area with clear water, filled with the scents of pine, laurel and mastic tree.


The clear wind that blows through the branches and the microclimate of the area, create the ideal conditions for the cultivation of Olive trees, which gives its fruit to this area, for centuries.


The Douros Farm Olive grove is traditionally cultivated under the strictest directives for organic agriculture


Our certified Organic Olive Oil is made ​​from handpicked olives of the Koroneiki variety and turned to oil in the same day. Characterized by a very low acidity, the glowing color, the fruity flavor and the aroma of freshly cut fruit. You can enjoy it in salads and it will surely enrich any hot or cold dish you create.

The fruit of the Koroneiki olive collected in a traditional manner and within 24 hours is at the mill.


There, in an absolutely natural process, solely by mechanical means and in temperatures below 26C degrees it is being cold extracted, the natural juice of the olive, our extra virgin olive oil.  


Then the extra virgin olive oil is stored in appropriate containers to be kept in optimal conditions until it's ready to be bottled.

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